Don't need NFC? Solo 2 USB-A base model now in stock.

Let's Start!


New to 2FA and Solo? More information can be found in our FAQ.

To learn about the FIDO standard, please visit the FIDO Alliance at How Fido Works.
FIRMWARE UPDATE GUIDE FOR SOLO 2: Update with a Mac      Update with Windows.
*Guide not valid for Hacker variants.

Pick your color and install the sleeve.

Stretch sleeve as needed to fully encase the PCB (black board)

Register your SoloKey

Note, this will be unique to each website. Basic steps:
1. Login to website
2. Find security settings.
3. Enable 2FA if needed
4. Follow instructions to register your SoloKey.
Example: Google (Images to right)
1. Logon and click on account
2. Click on Security in menu
3. Click on 2-Step Verification to start the registration process
4. Follow the steps, and when requested, connect your Solo and press its button

Login with your SoloKey

1. Login to website
2. When prompted, insert the registered SoloKey
3. Push button as prompted
Example: Google (images to right)

Repeat as needed

Use the same SoloKeys for every site that is U2F/FIDO2 compatible. Universal adoption is awesome!

Redundancy is key

Like forgetting a password, you can misplace your key. Recommend registering two keys, and placing one in a safe location.


Our community is helpful! Find technical support at our github site. General questions can be sent to [email protected].