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Firmware Update for Windows

If your Windows computer has never been used before to program or update a Solo 2 (also known as V2), you will need to prep your computer. Initial setup below installs the necessary language driver (Rust) and then the Solo2 Client that will actually interact with your Solo 2 device. It appears complicated to the nondeveloper...but it works! Once you are complete with the Steps 1-3 of the initial setup, you will then be able to update your device.

If you have previously installed the Rust library and the Solo2 client, than you can skip to the section 'Update the Solo 2 Firmware'.

Initial setup steps 1-3

1. Download and run rust Installer.  Solo 2 (or Solo V2) operates on the Rust language. This means, your CLI has to be able to speak in rust as well. You will need to download the package in step a(or b) below.

  1. a. Web-Download:
  2. b. Direct Download:
  3. c. After downloading, run (double-click) the installer.
  4. d. A command prompt will appear. Type 1 and hit ENTER.


2.  Open terminal. This is your Command Line Interface, or CLI, where you will be able to interact directly with your Solo 2 device.

a. Press Windows-Key + R

b. Type "cmd.exe"

c. Click OK / hit ENTER

3. Install solo2 cli. Now that your terminal can operate in rust, we need to install the solo2 software that will enable you to talk to our servers for the firmware update. This is somewhat easy, though the operation will take about 1.5 minutes.

a. Run the command “cargo install solo2” in the terminal.


        This might take some time. After the command has been executed, the Solo 2 CLI will be installed and can be accessed via the "solo2" command in the command prompt.  Example below, to show the firmware version of an inserted Solo 2, run command below and it will return the version. The device in the example has already been updated with firmware 2:20220822.0!

          $ solo2 app admin version

Update the Solo 2 Firmware

  1. ***If your Solo device is already registered with accounts as a 2FA device, this update will break the credentials. Please have a backup device for your accounts before running this update on your Solo 2***

1. Open terminal

a. Press Windows-Key + R

b.  enter cmd.exe


2. Run update via Solo 2 CLI

a. Insert your Solo 2 device, check to see the LED is energized.

b. Use the command:   $ solo2 update

c. See image below. You will need to touch one of the buttons to confirm the operation. Once the LED reenergizes, the operation is complete and your Solo 2 device is operating on the latest firmware.