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Solo. The first open source FIDO2 security key. USB & NFC.


Works with Google, Facebook, Twitter

and many more


Plug in and click on laptops. Simply tap on Android.


Our software is MIT licensed. Our hardware is CC BY-SA.


We are already working on SSH and GPG plugins.

You're here because you want the best security

And we know it

Powerful chip packs a punch. We will use the STMicroelectronics STM32 L4 42KC, which has a ton of goodies: true random number generator for key generation, security isolation for key, onboard crypto, plus two levels of locked flash.

Colorful silicone cases. To protect your security key from physical harm, we researched until we found your favourite colors. Pick any, pick all!

Free updates forever. Any bugs or extensions to our firmware will be available on our website. To update at any time, insert your key and your key will be up-to-date.

Kickstarter launched, goal reached within 20 minutes!

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