Secure login, open, easy.

Solo: the first, open source, FIDO2 security key.

The first, open source, security key supporting FIDO2.
An upgrade to U2F Zero.


Works with Google, Facebook,
Twitter, and many more.

Solo is the first, open source, security key supporting FIDO2. It lets you log in to your favorite sites with two-factor authentication without needing to install any software. It works on Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, and on all major browsers with FIDO2, WebAuthn, or U2F support.

Protects against phishing,
and other online attacks.

Solo implements the FIDO2 and U2F standards for the strongest two-factor authentication and greatest security. It protects against phishing by cryptographically signing the login hostname, unlike SMS codes and time-based tokens that can be replayed by a sophisticated attacker.


Open source
hardware & software

Strong authentication

Secure coprocessor
protecting keys

Strong cryptography
elliptic curve p256

Tactile dome with
physical feedback

silicone cases

Kickstarter will launch in early Fall.