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Browser Support

Can I use Solo with Chrome?

Can I use Solo with Edge, Firefox?
Yes. Some sites may require you to setup Solo with Chrome, but then they work with other browsers too.

Can I use Solo with Safari?
Yes, since Safari 12.1 you can enable Web Authentication in Develop > Experimental Features. It will be fully available in MacOS Catalina.

Solo Features

Can I use Solo for two-factor authentication?
Yes, Solo supports U2F and FIDO2

Is Solo certified by the FIDO Alliance?
Yes, Solo is Level 1 Fido Certified. 

You can Can I use multiple sites with one Solo?
Yes, Solo supports an unlimited number of sites

Can I use more than one security key?
Yes, and we definitely recommend that you do. Most sites that accept FIDO2 and U2F allow you to register more than one key. This gives you better flexibility should you lose a key.

Can I use Solo for password-less login in Windows 10?

Yes, Solo works with Windows Hello.  Note that currently, the Windows account needs to be configured with AAD, which likely needs to be in a business setting.

Can I use Solo for password-less login on websites?
Yes, for example Microsoft account (Outlook email) supports password-less login on web.

Can I use Solo for SSH?
Yes, you need OpenSSH 8.2+ with U2F support.

Can I use Solo for GPG?

Not yet, but we are actively working on an update to support this.

Can I use Solo to store passwords?
Not yet.

Using Solo

Can I use Solo in Windows, Mac OSX, or Chrome OS?

Can I use Solo in Linux?
Yes, but you may need to do some setup first.The how and why:
The latest udev rules file:

How do I get started with Solo for Hacker?

How do I reset Solo?
You can reset Solo using our command line tool and running “solo key reset”. On Windows, you can also manage a security key via “Sign-in options” which includes resetting and setting a PIN

Solo on Mobile

Can I use Solo with my Android phone?
Yes! Use a Solo with a USB-C connector or Solo Tap with NFC. Check out more info on NFC here. Make sure you have Google Authenticator installed

Do I need to use Google Authenticator app?
Google authenticator is not required anymore for Solo to work with G suite apps. Once you have registered your device, it will work directly with the applications

Will Solo work with iPhone?
Yes! With iOS update 14.3.3 and later, Solo Tap will work with iOS webkit. This does not mean all apps will work with Tap as individual apps may need to be recompiled for interoperability with webauthn standards.


What’s the difference between USB-A and USB-C?It’s all about the connector! You are probably most familiar with USB-A as most thumb drives had this connector. Then USB-C came on the scene. A quick search can show you the difference.