Don't need NFC? Solo 2 USB-A base model now in stock.

Enterprise Orders

Immediately Deployable

Deployment of a FIDO2 Two Factor Authentication solution will quickly eliminate over 80% of the threat of of account take over for small and large businesses.

Low Cost

Not only is a FIDO 2 authenticator by SoloKeys easy to deploy, it is an effective, low cost solution that can work in tandem with other high cost solutions to provide a layered defense.

Customize it

Give your employees a SoloKey with your logo. Please reach out to us at [email protected] to discuss volume pricing and customized case options.

Got a Conference?

A SoloKey fits in swag bags of all sizes!  

In the Media

Find out what the team at Microsoft Cloud Show had to say about their SoloKeys experience! They broadcast about our Kickstarter campaign in episode 285 of their podcast at: