Solo Tap - FIDO2 security key

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NOTE: Germany is fulfilled from Switzerland, but may also order locally:

    NOTE: Solo Tap does not work with all phones.
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    Tap compatibility

    • Secure your logins with two-factor authentication and stay protected against phishing and other online attacks.
    • Works with Google, Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox, Github, and anything that supports FIDO2 or FIDO U2F.
    • Easy start guide at
    • Open source hardware and software. Processor and PCB made and programmed in Europe.
    • Sold with a red and black case. Add the Solo Cases Multi-Color Pack!

    Shipping is currently 5$ USA, 12$ Rest of World.
    Fulfillment for Europe from Switzerland, for USA and Rest of World from USA.

    This key with red and black case is also available on Amazon:

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    Android compatibility:

    - Pixel devices

    - OnePlus 6+ devices

    - Newer Motorola Devices

    Note that NFC may be problematic with older Android phones, LG, and Samsung devices.