Solutions for Educators

Passwordless Login for Students
with FIDO2 Security Keys

An industry standard for account login authentication, FIDO2 security keys are designed to provided passwordless login to Google and Microsoft products.  Learn more here.  

By replacing passwords with FIDO2 keys, you can:

  • * Speed up time to authenticate by at least 4x.
  • * Reduce password support for students by at least 90%.
  • * Greatly increase security over passwords.

Our FIDO2 keys are:

  • * Cost effective.
  • * Can work with USB-A, USB-C, or NFC.
    • * We can provide NFC readers to attach to PCs.
  • * Come in multiple colors and can have custom logos.
  • * Each key can be locked with a PIN.
  • * Keys are durable and long lasting.

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