Solo Tap Hacker USB-C

Normaler Preis $40.00
  • IMPORTANT! This is a development device for hackers and makers. If you're looking for a regular security key, check out Solo and don't confuse it with Solo Hacker.
  • Find out more at
  • ***NFC capable***            Available Now!
  • Fits USB-C computer ports. Easy start guide at
  • Open source hardware and software. Made and programmed in Europe.
  • Two cases included: Red and Black
  • Feeling colorful?  Add the Solo Tap Case Multi-Color Pack!

Shipping is $5 for US, $11 for Europe, $13 Rest of World.
Fulfillment from USA.


Android compatibility:

- Pixel devices

- OnePlus 6+ devices

- Newer Motorola Devices

Note that NFC may be problematic with older Android phones, LG, and Samsung devices.